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Better Than The Original

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 12 December 2010
Rating:   7

"The Krotons" is one of the few full-length Troughton stories remaining. Many people lament that fact, since it is among the weakest of the Troughton era. "Return of the Krotons," despite its unimaginative title, markedly improves over its predecessor.

The Doctor and Charley arrive on a planet, go sightseeing, get caught up in the local power struggle, and then find something truly sinister is even more dangerous than the local political ruffian. These Krotons are more technologically advanced than in the first story. Philip Madoc is excellent as the corrupt colony leader.

The Krotons themselves, though, are a bit of a weakness, not the most interesting of villains. They certainly do not get the best lines in this story. There are a few too many cliches, a few too many times where one sees what will happen before it happens. Also, the process for creating the Krotons out of the mental "energy" of "high brains," makes no sense.

This one is a good, but not great, little adventure.

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