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Timeless indeed!

By:JG, Gallifrey, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 17 February 2011
Rating:   9

For my first factual book read, it was good. The book talks about the different stages of the Show's devlopment, in each 'Era'. (The decades, were named after certain producial, & techinal, stages. The 1960's was called 'Black and White Heat'. From 1970 to Demcember 1974, it was called 'Colour Seperation Overlay'. From December 1974 till the end of the 70's, 'Gothic Thrills'. The 1980s was called 'Time Lord on Trial'. There is, also a section on Fandom (1990s) called 'The Fandom Menace'. And finally, there's a section on the revived, New Series, called 'Regeneration'). It's a good book, there's interviews from certain people (Like, Vertiy Lambert & Terrance Dicks, & more). I wish this book was published before 2006, it would've been a great addition to 'The Beginning' Box Set (As a pdf. file, of course).

The only flaws with this are:

"The Target Book range was finished in 1993" Which is odd, as we all know the Target Book range actually, finished in 1994! (With 'The Evil of the Daleks').

According to this book, "As of 2008, however, there were still 106 missing episodes of Doctor Who." So between 2004's The Daleks' Master Plan ep 2 'Day of Armegeddon' and 2008, 2 episodes have been found.... & I haven't been told, why?(!)

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