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By:Ben Rigsby, Witney, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 6 July 2009
Rating:   10

A fantastic story & great dvd too!

What Doctor Who always did well...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 7 July 2009
Rating:   10

Doctor Who always had its share of very long stories. But what they all have in common is how well they stand up and how well the story doesnt overly sag. The War Games is my favourite of all the Patrick Troughton stories. Patrick Troughton is at the top of his acting powers for a start, with sveral memorable moments littered hroughout this great story. The action is well maintained and actually never over repetitive. There are many great performances from the supporting cast too. 10 episodes may be a bit too much for some to watch in one go, but definitey not for me. This is Doctor Who at its best. And once again, the sets nd location work are all very well done, producing some realistic world war one scenery. And the costume design seems of a high standard too. And the last episode seems to me to be one of the best eary episodes in Doctor Who, where there is some quite nice scenes which prove that Doctor Who did always have its fair share of emotional moments. The goodbyes between the Doc and his friends are some of the best ever, better than the so caled best Jo Grant farewell in my book. This is Doctor who at its very best, long and brilliant!

The war to end all Doctor Whos...

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 9 July 2009
Rating:   10

This set is a triumph - by far the best yet. Whether the Guardian Trilogy and Keys of Marinus can live up to it remains to be seen, but they'll have to put up a fight, as this is a superb release.
The story itself is great: rolling along at a cracking pace, understandably for a 10-episoder it is almost guaranteed to sag in the middle. However this doesn't tarnish a wonderful story, as the final episode, which introduces the Time Lords, makes up for everything.
As for the extras, they have a whole disc to themselves, but 2|entertain haven't been unkind to us by cramming it full of super documentaries.
At £13.48 on Amazon, this release is the biggest bargain ever. Plus, watch Spearhead from Space afterwards - they form a nice little duo.

Victory !

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 11 July 2009
Rating:   10

In the unlikely event of me being invited onto a Dr Who "Desert Island Discs", This would definitely be one of the story's I would take with him. A story full of wit, invention & wonderful character's & a heartbreaking ending. The restoration is staggeringly good. The sound (& especially)the picture has to be seen to be believed. The extras are a wonderful treasure trove of goodies. I loved "Stripped for Action" wonderful memories of the 2nd Doctor comic strips in TV Comic, Cybermen on skis, wonderful.
If you only buy one Dr Who DVD this year, make it this one.

One Word. EXCELLANT!!!

By:The Next Doctor, TARDIS
Date:Monday 13 July 2009
Rating:   10

Patrick Troughton, the cosmic hobo and my fav doctor. The War Games is just the perfect story to describe pat's years. Fun, thoughtful and sometimes just silly.
I normanlly don't watch the special features but these were really good.
Pat's last story was the last in black and white.
And what a way to end his time in dr who.
So 3 discs, 10 episodes, 2 classic compainions and one brillant dr.

Complete and utter brilliance

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 27 July 2011
Rating:   10

I have to say that Doctor Who is one of the only programmes that can have a serial last for ten episodes and keep the interest fresh and imaginative all the way from the start right to the end. And to say the very least, The War Games is a triumph of television in every respect. It boats all the perfect elements that made the Patrick Troughton years so brilliant, theres the comedy, the seriousness, the well thought out plot and the brilliant acting from everyone involved.

The characters here are all solid and have guts. The rebels are all fantastically portrayed by every single player. The villians of the piece are all on top class form as well, especially Noel Coleman as the decidedly soulless General Smythe, and Phil Madoc doesnt really need any introduction. His War Lord is one of the most memorable villains in the shows history. There is so much tension and grit all along the road with this story.

Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury too are on perhaps the best form theyve ever been, Jamie getting to leap into action to save Zoe or Lady Jennifer ( who happens to be one of my very favourite Doctor Who characters ever) almost at every turn. And we also have his bumbling and amusing side, when he first meets all the rest of the resistance parties! These scenes are comical and offer an oasis of comic relief amidst the more harder plot elements along the way.

The climax part , Episode Ten has to be counted as one of the finest episodes of Who in the universe. Its a brilliant end to the Pat Troughton reign as the errant Time Lord. We get our first hint at who the Doctor really is and his background, although enough is left unsaid so still the character has a lot of mystery about him. And Pat is on sublime form all the way throughout this highly engaging adventure, his best performance in his three leading years as the Doctor. He gets to be manipulative, caring, giving, and angry at many times throughout the script, which adds up to some very very good scenes.

And for the time, even the action scenes are not that badly done at all. It manages to convince and isnt over the top at any place. Its all just peppered throughout the tale well. The story itself is highly imaginative and is pretty bold a notion too for the time. And all the plot threads gel strongly and one never feels that the story is getting strained or weak along the way, the pace is just brilliant and never gets tepid or lazy. So all these factors combine to make this story definitely in the top five slot of the entire history of Who for me. One cant get much better than this story in my opinion, its great television!

Epic Finale for The 2nd Doctor

By:Marty Dallas, Franklin, United States
Date:Monday 1 December 2014
Rating:   10

The War Games is hands down the best finale of all the doctors. A 10 part epic that when first aired could have been the series finale as well. Patrick Troughton to often gets overlooked due largely to the great number of still missing episodes. Resulting in younger whocomers not getting the full package and with the ridiculous $400 secondary market price tag(which I honestly find it surreal that ANYBODY would pay that much in the era of torrents) will continue to take a pass. Something I normally wouldn't endorse but in this case I make exception when I suggest any fan of Doctor Who old and/or new that has not watched "The War Games" to find it and burn it. Avoid this temp price gouge as at some point it will make it to blu-ray with a normal price. I am not the type to re-word a description calling it a review. That can be found anywhere. I am here to say The War Games is near the top of all time classic Doctor Who and you won't be let down.

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