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A fun adventure

By:Josh, Alaska
Date:Friday 12 March 2010
Rating:   8

This adventure is really one of the reasons I got into Doctor Who in the first place. It's a fun, fast paced story that makes you think while playing with the myths of the time period. It was interesting to see the Krillitane again, and learn a bit more about their culture and what leads them to be the way they are.
On the whole this book is well worth reading, although it can not be classified as high art, but then, very few Doctor Who books can be classified as such.

Not what I was hoping for...

By:Darek Pilař, Pardubice, Czech Republic
Date:Saturday 3 September 2011
Rating:   5

I was really look forward to this book. And I must said that it was disappointment. Premise of the story is great, first chapter is exactly what i was hoping from this book and then it took bad spin. Krillitanes make in more then half of the story just play second fiddle. When they finally take over the book from themself it's almost end of the story.
It was good book, but I was really long looking forward for this and then... well disappointment

Great stories

By:Alexander Amos King-Grey, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
Date:Wednesday 23 March 2016
Rating:   8

Let me just say, the Tenth Doctor is much better here than in "Sting of the Zygons". I found him more like himself.
Great stories, a really cool villain and a brilliant one off companion, Lucy, with an interesting back story.
I like the Krillitanes in this as their not the main threat until the end.
Overall, would sit perfectly in the 2009 specials, a great read, highly recommended for someone who wants an easy to read, not over-the-top sciencey. Good Luck with it!

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