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By:J, Suffolk
Date:Friday 28 August 2009
Rating:   8

after recieving this book from amazon two days ago, i haven't put it down. an excellent storyline and classic 10th doctor style action. a must read.

Clever enough

By:Tim, Australia
Date:Sunday 24 January 2010
Rating:   8

A very interesting installment for a NewWho fan to get a insight into the enemy of the Sontarans, the mysterious Rutan Host.

The Doctor was characterised fairly well but lacked a lot of the darker and more insightful depths you get in other books. The original characters were well done though and the ending and theme were a bit of a change up from the usual.

This time the Doctor isn't facing off an enemy so much as protecting the people who get between two enemies facing each other which was a great concept to explore.

Somehow though the book lacked anything to take away with you when you'd finished it.

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