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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 23 November 2008
Rating:   9

The big finish team on the extras say they basically left the scripts for all the stage plays alone when they came for adapting for audio. a good idea indeed. now ive never seen this stage play, would have been 1 at the time. but in my opinion this didnt need any script altering anyway.

what i can say is this is a thoruoghly enjoyable and vintage piece of doctor who. there are so many good elements: daleks and cybermen in alliance, maggie thatcher, jason and crystal, these guys should be back for the normal range of audios. they are so cool and Clare Huckle is brilliantly over the top in areas, as a stage show usually is. She alone added stage show believability to this mix of comedy and action.

another nice idea is the doc talking to aliens in their own languages instead of a tardis translator working! what a cool idea, a great thought from Terrance. This is so enjoyable stage play, except for one annoying thing...its not long enough. and theres not enough of the cybermen for me. but overall a really big knockout...

It is What It Is

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 11 December 2017
Rating:   4

The audio version of the infamous stage play The Ultimate Adventure works well for what it is supposed to do. The play was created in 1989. It's primary audience was family. This meant that the play had to work for the under-teens. The plot, then, is rather simple. There are some bits where The Doctor must make horrible noises to "talk" to alien species. He gets two "nice" human companions and furry little one who makes only cooing noises. Plus, there are some musical numbers, some set pieces, and some rather more than usually personalized Daleks. To make the play work in audio format, much of the scene description is transferred to dialogue, so that far too often some character is mysteriously describing the action. It's a nice bit of Doctor Who memorabilia, but not really all that good in audio form. Perhaps the play on stage was more entertaining.

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