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By:Matt Robertson, Leeds
Date:Tuesday 12 May 2009
Rating:   8

Its a great book with an easy to follow plot. I loved Nikki and the Judoon (they should so get together!) The twists were suprising and the ending was pleasing.

All in all great!

Cor, It's Clever

By:Tim, Australia
Date:Tuesday 22 December 2009
Rating:   9

The Doctor is out to stop a troop of ever-dutiful Judoon from creating absolute havoc while in pursuit of 'The Invisible Assassin'.

The Doctor is well written and it uses interesting and creative characters with their own important roles to play and memmorable pesonalities. Parallel plot lines with interlinking consequences, twists, red herrings all spiced up with some good jokes.

An excellent new installment.

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