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By:Tim, Maroochydore, Queensland
Date:Friday 30 January 2009
Rating:   7

Extremely difficult to follow if you are not well acquainted with the original encounter between the Doctor and the antagonist of the story - which occured in the Old Who serial 'The Masque of Mandragora'.

Normally I would have just googled the details and read the summary of the serial's plot and been able to more fully understand the book but I read the book while on holidays and with no internet I was left rereading bits to try and connect them with what had already been written.

The story's sense of flow was completely missing - with several minutes filling a chapter and sometimes the better part of a day taking up on a handful of paragraphs. Many times the dialogue became hard to follow amongst the action and sometimes the action was hard to follow amongst the dialogue.

The climax was a little smart but the filler between the introduction of the enemy and the confrontation was extremely dependant on unusual assumptions and prerequisite knowledge.

The only saving grace for the story was the presence of Wilf, his friend Netty and one particular scene in the book which delightfully completes a pattern that has come to exist with the various mother's of the Doctor's recent companions, heh - it's not much reason to read a whole book... but if you do you'll laugh too.

I'm afraid the story oly fetchs a seven from me.

Interesting and well thought out!

By:Nathan Harrison, Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 20 June 2013
Rating:   8

Beautiful chaos is a great read and is very clever too. There is also an emotional depth to it.

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