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story of martha jones

By:lucy greenwood, england leeds
Date:Tuesday 13 January 2009
Rating:   10

this book is amazing and im so buying it, i love dr who so much and this book is just brill

Preety Cool!

By:Matthew, Leeds
Date:Tuesday 13 January 2009
Rating:   8

A nice book. its good tobe releaved of the doctor for a whole bookand it wasnice to see wha happenedin that terrible yearof the masters rein. SPOILER- one word-Brigadier! (will someone tell me who he is please!?!) From the empty streets of france to the new york ruins this book takes you all over the glob! a must 4 every dr.who fan! 8/10

A Fantastic Interlude

By:Tim, Maroochydore, Queensland
Date:Friday 30 January 2009
Rating:   10

I'm a very imaginative person and have previously considered with some intent what the journey of Martha during that year was like and I was greatly impressed by the 'official' events and the detailed accounting of her survival and bravery.

The details about the post-apocalyptic world, the slave camps, the human survivor groops, the Master's enforcers and the resistance are all well written and build a wonderfully detailed backdrop to the journey. Accompanied by Martha's hard learned lessons and realisations the story is furthur improved beyond even that by the short stories.

As Martha travels and tells the people of the world about the Doctor and gives them hope she tells of several adventures that are all truly remarkable and entirely captivating.

The characterisation of Martha was very good and the other characters both her allies and her enemies are also very enjoyable. Futhermore the true story behind the demise of Japan and the truth behind it also formed a wonderful climax to finish the story.

If there was any fault to the book it was that it finished too soon. Her trip across the Americas wasn't included, likely because of length. Also the Toclafane weren't nearly as prevelant as I imagined they could have been.

Overall the book was a masterpiece installment and considering the absence of the Doctor in all but spirit the result was a marvellous read.

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