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one of the best doctor who books ever!x2

By:Matthew, leeds
Date:Saturday 13 September 2008
Rating:   10

Brilliant! Fantastic! Moving! One of the best doctor who books i have ever read! Donnas character has been explored superbly! So has the Doctors! Gandhis great! The story line on its own is fantastic! The 'half-made men' were a nice tuch! All in all i couldnt giv it lower than a TEN! All Doctor Who fans MUST read!!!


Just Pure Brilliance

By:Camden, Australia
Date:Thursday 16 October 2008
Rating:   10

Just Amazing! Mark Morris is a genius. The way he explored Donna's charcter to her potential was brilliant. The plot line was brilliant and it even had a lot of history in it making it even more amazing. The half-made men were a brilliant twist as well as the diease spreading all over Calcutta, India. It's a must read, you won't regret it.

Clever Stuff

By:Tim Wakeham, Maroochydore, Queensland
Date:Friday 30 January 2009
Rating:   10

An excellent read. A good solid adventure with some interesting characters and a few good twists and turns. The characters of the Doctor and especially Donna are well represented and the parallels drawn between the Doctor and Ghandi are truly thought provoking.
The end was a little strange but in the end was also very interesting and rather enjoyable.
I'd truly recommend this installment.

Uninvolving or irritating

By:Andrew Blair, Edinburgh
Date:Thursday 25 June 2009
Rating:   3

In this book the Doctor swans around patronising people and acting like an impatient know-it-all. Whenever he's supposed to be deep the author uses the words 'intense' and talks about deep sadness while he stares for a bit. He does this about three times, like a moody teenager. Donna fares better, but is sidelined to some extent from the main action. This does at least allow her to have some quiet moments with Ghandi, whose presence merely serves to emphasis the Doctor's failings, which are pleasant asides.

The idea behind the plot makes the most of the time and location but the resolution is rushed and has one of those unsatisfying endings where the good guys win almost by accident.

And I still can't get over how annoying the Doctor is in this one.

Nice book

By:Hessel Hoekstra, Maassluis, Netherlands
Date:Saturday 20 August 2011
Rating:   9

The plot of this book is quite simple, but this simplicity has quite a lot of power in the novel. The Doctor is rather annoying in this book, but all the other characters are far better. Especially Donna and Gandhi

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