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Badgers! You have got to be kidding!

By:David Tennant (still kidding), The Rexel Planetary Configuration
Date:Tuesday 25 December 2007
Rating:   8

I don't know what the author was thinking when he came up with the idea of space pirates with badger faces, but i think its genius. Requesting permission to use the idea sir!

a good book

By:grant williams, redruth
Date:Monday 7 January 2008
Rating:   10

this is a good book liked it very much


By:antony, i can never remember
Date:Wednesday 23 January 2008
Rating:   7

WTF?!? the badger idea was brilliant, but half of the things are impossible to understand! Good book though, funny


By:dame, redruth
Date:Thursday 24 April 2008
Rating:   10

this is great i realy liked it

One of the best New Series books

By:Jamie, England
Date:Saturday 21 June 2008
Rating:   10

I read Pirate Loop last week and loved it. Simon Guerrier gets the Doctor and Martha perfectly and the other characters were brilliant. I think my favourite character is Archie because he is so adorable.

Just finished it and put it down...

By:Tim, Australia
Date:Thursday 17 July 2008
Rating:   7

Overall a pretty good book, though I haven't got much to compare it to - my first NewWho book... though I also bought Peacemaker (Another 4 hours and I'll have that on read too, 240-ish pages just really is too quick).

The plot/angle used for the storyline allows for all sorts of enjoyable suprises and while not resorting to complicated science jargon (apart from the Doctor's normal babble) it's a solid and easily comprehendable concept.

The Doctor and Martha are very in character and the original characters are all very endearing, funny and entertaining as they play their roles.

The humour in particular is absolutely fantastic, a mix of many types to cater to all people and some really good lines.

Not particularly deep though I'm afraid, I have read OldWho books and a lot of other fiction and it is definetly young-teen orientated and doesn't really penetrate deeper into the characters or the situations - it just uses the characters to play their roles and complete the story. Start through finish all self contained with little that lingers.

10 for enjoyable/laughs, 8 for plot/characters and 5 for how memorable it seems... gets a 7 overall from me.

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