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By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 23 September 2007
Rating:   10

Human Resources could be used as an example of how to produce excellent Big Finish audio plays. Everything works perfectly here, in my opinion. Every member of the cast is outstanding, it would be difficult to improve on the music and sound effects, the overall mix and sound realization is superb, and the script is top-notch.

I won't go into the story much, because this is one that should not be spoiled. What I will say is that the action picks up directly from the end of No More Lies, in a very odd sort of way, and it becomes clear early on that all is not as it seems. Midway through this episode, we get a shocker revelation that abruptly shifts the storyline, similar in type to the ending of episode 1 of the classic t.v. story Enlightenment, in which we are suddenly shown that the Doctor and friends are not, in fact, on a yacht, but on a space ship in deep space.

This story is so much fun, and it's made even better by the nicely written and well-played wit that is written into it. And the best part is that Part 2 plays out nicely and doesn't disappoint...

More Giant Robots - but wow

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Monday 17 December 2007
Rating:   10

This is excellent,finally something new, the subplot of the headhunter coming together and the journey makig sense. The twist at the end was excellent and i didn't see it coming.

Well Done

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 2 November 2021
Rating:   8

As the season finale, "Human Resources" works very well. Big Finish has brought Paul McGann back to playing The Doctor as The Doctor, without so much of the ennui and anguish that was typical of the Charlie and C'rizz days. In part 1, Lucie gets taken back to the job was interviewing for when she was snatched out of time. However, something is not quite right about the setup. The Doctor extracts a promise from the High Council of Gallifrey to fix his TARDIS and in return, he will track her down. It turns out, she was a pawn in the constant rangling between the High Council and the CIA. But, is there more to it than that? Of course there is. Part 1 works very well as the setup for Part 2.

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