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A Pang of Guilt

By:Michael Liddy, Surreys
Date:Thursday 7 June 2007
Rating:   10

A terrific Dr. Who story - I always love those unit storys (sic) with Brigadier and Bentons. The special effects were good for the time, though not as good as now with the CGI imagine what could of been achieved now with that storie
Still I must get back to work - I am currently trying to sort out this blocking sheet at work for my colleagues and am giving myself all the best bits because I am rubbish! Joke! Go watch Robot now.


By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 1 August 2007
Rating:   8

To think that this was Tom Baker's first outing as the Doctor. He is already "there". There are some dodgy efffects, but hey, its over thirty years old. A good documentary about how they chose Tom. He was'nt the 1st choice, Michael Bentin was ! Recommended

A UNIT version of Genesis of the Daleks

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 1 July 2008
Rating:   9

This story works in a way very much like Genesis of the Daleks; a mad scientist (Miss Winters/Davros) and their science group (The SRS/The Elite) try to take over the world (Earth/Skaro) with a robot (The Robot/Daleks). Yes, I know Daleks aren't robots, but it's a fair point.
The story itself is good, fast-paced and witty in places. The new Doctor performs well and the UNIT background helps to maintain continuity.

Better than the Dalek Genesis

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 9 May 2011
Rating:   10

Back in these days of Robot, the BBC had more imaginative ways of creating effects, not just relying on darn silly computers for everything! So here the robot is sheer metal real brilliance other than a superimposed cyberman that frankly is even less convincing than a dodgy costume. And there are no dodgy costumes or designs in Robot.

Terrance Dicks writes one of his best scripts here. The Robot/ Sarah segment is particularly well played and dispalys real and rare emotion for a Doctor Who tale of this time. Lis was given her final real meaty part as Sarah here in this tale, after this she became largely a spare part, which is a disgusting thing to do for such a fine actress. She always was a brilliant companion, and even the lesser usage of her after this doesnt disable that fact. She was a brilliant companion and its a huge shame now that she is no longer with us.

Patricia Maynard as Miss Winters is a revelation, you can tell she really enjoys playing the part, and comes over as arrogant and psychotic without being overtly over active. One of the strongest female roles offered to Doctor Who one off actors at this time i feel.

And the usual involvement of The Brig and Benton just help the brilliant mix no end in this story. They provide a lot of light relief and some moments of great comedy too are peppered throughout this story from the word go. And to think that this was Tom's first Doctor Who he is the Doctor straight away, he sits into the role like a comfy chair and steals the show with his mental but still immensely moral character.

The design of the Robot too has to be mentioned, as its excellently done, and plaudits must go to Michael Kilgariff for acting in a monster of a metal suit so well. The final scenes of this story are particcularly good, when Sarah is truly sad at the loss of the Robot. Its a nice story end and all round this story is solid and great.

Ian Marter definitely needs a mention too. Yet again though he suffers here in his first tale from being underused, what he suffered in every story except maybe Terror of The Zygons. He was a fine actor and brought Harry Sullivan to vivid life and it was indeed short sighted of the Beeb to get rid of him after only one pitiful season! But aside from this this story is still excellent in almost every way. I dont give a toss about the toy tank and the blue legs of the giantly enlarged robot because at least they were attempted with real things and not just computers. They had originality and werent as bad as all that anyway in my opinion. Robot saw the fourth Doctor begin in great style, pity it was followed by three underpar stories as far as Im concerned, the Fourth Doctor needed a jump start after this, and he got it only from Revenge of the Cybermen onward.

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