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not wooden to me

By:grant williams, redruth
Date:Saturday 19 January 2008
Rating:   10

a great book i liked it very much

I was bored to the heart!

By:antony, i've stopped kidding
Date:Sunday 17 February 2008
Rating:   6

I tried! And then I tried again! And again! But i could not sit through this book! I kept putting it down (which is odd for me) and pcking it back up and putting it down! But the story just monotonously goes on and on!

It was alright

By:Kristin, New Zealand
Date:Saturday 7 February 2009
Rating:   6

I liked it but i thought towards the end it dragged on little

Hi :D

By:patar, Warrington
Date:Friday 2 October 2009
Rating:   10

Not bad. Compared to some classics, it was bad, but for a Doctor Who book, it's definitely in the top end. And yeah, the story never stopped lol.


By:Ken Lawrence, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 10 February 2010
Rating:   9

One of the better of the books i've read. A bit drawn out in parts, but an excellent story that just kept moving.

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