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my review

By:grant williams, cornwall
Date:Saturday 25 August 2007
Rating:   8

great read good story with interesting plot

Pun included: No Sting in this Novel

By:H. N. Y., Mid, Nowhere
Date:Sunday 2 December 2007
Rating:   4

Cursory review: some funny comments by the Doctor, lack of character development, wordy, and very little like the Doctor Who we know.
Detailed review: very VERY little like the real Doctor Who. First of all I am not a huge fan of the author, Stephen Cole. His books often seem to lack real motivation and above all an interesting plot, and this really shows in his latest novel. Virtually this is a story about the Lock Ness monster, and that is where the books gets all caught up: too much time is wasted explaining the monster and the aliens controlling it and why they are there and what they are doing there and how they are controlling their monster, and what they eat for breakfast-- I think you see my point. The book really does take to long to get up and off it's butt and when it finally does I found it taking long and leisurely breaks in between mediocre moments of action-action that I may say was often anticlimactic and disappointed to say the least. I actually found myself wondering when the novel would end (it doesn't help either that of the New BBC Doctor Who novels this is one the longest). The character are to say the least, dull. The Doctor is always fascinating and Martha in her own right, only there seemed little to no connection between them in the story. As for all the supporting characters I had a hard time remembering them all due to the fact they none of them were either interesting nor detailed and often followed that old fashion story archetype of young helper boy or grumpy military authority. So really not very Whovian, not very literate, and just not very good.

A Stingin' good time

By:<>< face, go **** ur mum
Date:Sunday 10 February 2008
Rating:   7

(PUN INTENDED) OK! So I'm a massive doctor who fan who knows all about the Silurians and the Sea Devils and the Zygons and the Sontarans! I know they are bringing back the Sontarans, but I didn't know whe I heard about a book that included one of the most famous old enemies! This one! I loved this book (though it could have been a tad more believable). The Zygons are the ultimate monsters from the past but it is just ever so slightly minorly confusing! Worth reading though!

Superb Follow-Up to "Terror"

By:Earle, New Zealand
Date:Friday 2 May 2008
Rating:   10

Absolutely brilliant, would love to see what the new series could do with the shape-changing Zygons, should they ever make a televised appearance like the Sontarans from the comic strip medium.

The Zygons are here!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Tuesday 6 May 2008
Rating:   10

Ah, The Sting of the Zygons....Twas an interesting read to say the least. In other words I enjoyed it immensly. I love the use of language and the fact that Marthas skin was mentioned to give the reader some sort of insight into what it was like in those day when people had not known a black person to do niether this nor that, and her reaction to that is as good as any.

The Doctor here is on top form yet again, I do believe the writers have a knack for his character better than Ecclestons. David Tennant is just how the Doctor should be, charismatic, overwhelming at times and generally a know all of whats going on-occasionly.

The charcters are massivly impressive, steven Cole gives each and every one of them one of thier very own back stories that often relate to whats going on. Even the Cows- Suspect them at all costs. (By the way- that may have been a SPOILER!)

The Settings brill, the Zygons are as though they havent changed over the many years and the book itself stands up the television series superbly!


By:Gazza, South Wales
Date:Wednesday 27 August 2008
Rating:   9

This is book is just great! Simple as that.

It acts a bit like a murder mystery as you find yourself always guessing 'who 'dun it'. but instead of thinking who killed Mr.Johson with the lead piping you are thinking who is the Zygon.

The Zygons themselves are portrayed excellently by Stephen Cole and I always felt a chill in the Zygon's presence.

A great read! Who to bring back next? Sutekh, by any chance...

Please dont do this again to the Zygons!

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Wednesday 10 September 2008
Rating:   3

I have read a few of these New Series novels, and this one i didn't enjoy. I found it was a book that tried to be to cleaver for its own good. The book takes to long to get interesting then when it finnaly gets going I thorught to myself "Ok, Why do I care about this".
There is no charecter development, and the one i realy disliked was the French jounerlist. Although I love the Zygone and hope to see them soon in the New Series I just didn't find them belivble (and dont get me starteds on them shape changing into a herd of cows.).
It normaly takes me a week or so to read one of these books (not the fastest reader in the world). For me the sign of a book I'm not enjoying is that I keep looking at how many pages i have left to read, and i did this alot.
I was also forgeting who all the charecters where so spent a lot of time going back to recheck who everyone was. But having said all that even bad Doctor Who is better than 90% of most other crap out there.
To sum it up, Love the Zygons, love to see them on TV again, but Hated (no thats not true) Disliked this book. 3 out of 10

Another Gem Underappreciated

By:Tim, Australia
Date:Sunday 17 January 2010
Rating:   9

Easily in the top 10 of the New Series books I've read and another with a rating that doesn't reflect what it is worth.

Sure there are some slow patches and the setting for the story isn't very exotic or exciting but the plot, characterisations of the Doctor and Martha, the original characters, the use of the Zygons and a mixture of great humour, suspense and surprise.

Every part of the plot that unfolds contains one startling set of new events, a set of clues that leave you asking what comes next and something else that you'll miss the significance of until later.

Reading this book really makes me hope that at some point Stephen Moffatt will revive them for NewWho.

Great Zygon story!

By:Alexander Amos King-Grey, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
Date:Tuesday 22 March 2016
Rating:   8

Let me just say the Zygons are brilliant in this story, having pretty much taking over the entire countryside. I read this before watching "Terror of the Zygons" but it was easy to understand their biological make-up. I think I perffered this to "Terror of the Zygons" which I found slighty dissappointing!
A great example of a alien invasion story.
Great supporting characters and Martha is as brilliant as ever.
Only two criticsim with this book is the fact that it is, and this is purely trivial, Broton on the cover [of the original print; thankfully they cleared that up on the Monster Collection Edition], and the tenth doctor felt too much like the eleventh doctor for me.
Anyway that did not sway my opinion on this fantastic book.
Highly recomended if you're a fan of "Terror of the Zygon."

Average but not very special

By:David Turner, Buckinghamshire, UK , United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 22 January 2017
Rating:   6

This adventure is rather good but it does not do anything interesting or different. While there are good moments the majority is just ok

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