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Great book

By:The Next Doctor, Sunderland
Date:Friday 4 May 2007
Rating:   8

This is a superbly well written book as it combines the great story telling of Jacqueline Raynor in 3rd person, while keeping Martha's dairy a fun and great way to be able to understand the book in the 1st person aspect

A great story for Martha Jones

By:Lawson. Jamie, Italy
Date:Saturday 30 June 2007
Rating:   8

The Last Dodo is a great book told (largly) from Martha's Perspective.

Fans of the fist and third Doctor will love spotting the referencess from thier era.

Highly Recommended and one of the strongest out of the three Tenth Doctor and Martha novilisations released so far.

...all this and a point to make

By:Patrick, Sydney, Australia
Date:Sunday 16 December 2007
Rating:   9

After the appallingly awful "Earthworld" from several years ago, I was a little wary of Jacqeline's style. However, this time, she's come up trumps with a book that sustains an easy readability and also captures the style of its main characters well. The change of narrative style can take some getting used to, but I can forgive the jumps for two reasons: firstly, several wonderful laugh-out-loud moments; and secondly, an environmentalist\animal-lib sub-theme that isn't rammed too hard, but there for the enjoyment. Very nice work, Ms Rayner, 9 gold stars for your efforts:-)

the best dodo

By:grant williams, redruth
Date:Wednesday 19 December 2007
Rating:   10

a great story like jacqueline rayners book liked this one

Last of its kind.

By:Dododood, Ha ha suckers
Date:Tuesday 25 December 2007
Rating:   7

Interesting is the only word i can think of too describe it. I won't say the mysterious secret of the dodo eggs, but i will encourage you to read it.

Bitter indeed!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Saturday 21 June 2008
Rating:   7

Interesting to say the least. As much as i love Doctor who, this book, i just couldnt put it down. Sure....its interesting, it gives out a lot of information and some nods/refrences to the past, but I found that unless you can really ingage in the book itself, you might just end up finishing it but after reading half of the book, it seemed to me that there was far to much in terms of know how and far to little actually going on. Some might love this book, i like it for some reasons, The Doctors represented well here and so is Martha however, the book itself dried up far to quickly in my point of view!

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