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Better than people think

By:Roddy Toddy, Dundee
Date:Friday 20 October 2006
Rating:   8

Despite what other people might think i thought this was a good story, with an interesting setting. It also introduced The Rani, a good villain.

The Rani, The Master & Luddites, oh my!

By:Brian Ridder, Littleton, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   6

"The Mark Of The Rani" one of the few offerings available on DVD from Colin Baker's run as the Sixth Doctor, and this story is a good story all around. The only story fault I find with it is that the historical part of the story goes out the window early in Episode 2. At that point, it could've been set anywhere and have done all right. Kate O'Mara's turn as The Rani is brillant, a coldly scientific, calculating woman who only cares for her experiments. It is a shame that she wasn't brought in earlier in the 80's, perhaps in Tom Baker's final season so she could be used more as the series went on. Anthony Ainley puts in a fairly alright turn as The Master, but his place in the story is questionable and one wonders if The Master should've sat this story out. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant are a good team of The Doctor and Peri, their disputes, though sometimes very biting, belies the true warmness and closeness of this Doctor/companion team. The story as a whole is solid, with an imaginative backdrop of the Industrial Revolution (which gets lost as Episode 2 goes on). The Rani's experiments on the human sleep cycle is very brilliant and surreal, and the consequences make for heated showdown between some of the men who were experimented on and The Doctor. It truly is a shame that Colin Baker didn't get time to properly settle into the role of The Doctor before the BBC put "Doctor Who" on the shelf for 18 months. I honestly believe Colin Baker should have been given more time and "The Mark Of The Rani" stands testament to a big missed opportunity. Not the best story of the Colin Baker era (I believe that distinction goes to "Revelation Of The Daleks"), but all in all a good story nonetheless!

Three times the time lords!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 6 May 2011
Rating:   9

Kate O'Mara and Ant Ainley are brilliant working alongside each other in this story. One can forgive the fact that its not explained how the Master survived the incidents of Planet of Fire, because this story is so solid and cool. And for once the Beeb seemed to have acquired writers who know that language wouldnt have been quite the same in the long distant past, as the dialogue is very well done here in this story. Add to the already strong mix of Ant and Kate a Colin Baker then you have the recipe for a very good and memorable tale. And this story, like Timelash, is a real oasis of calm set in the middle of other far more gritty stories. but theres a decent amount of action in this story again too. And all plaudits to Colin for doing all his own stunts again! Hes quite a chap!

The other main characters too are all strong and stolid, and their are no cardboard cutouts to be found in this story at all. And yet like i said its still the dynamic bickering duo of Kate and Ant that really make this story.

I love the Doctor's defeating of the Rani and the Master in this. And Ant's final line to Kate is brilliant "Were trapped you blundering woman!" just has me smile boradly every time I watch it. The setting here too, and locaiton, are all first rate and really add something special to the story. Evem Nicola Bryant is better than usual here. And its a horrific and sad element, the Rani's mines that distort human flesh into vegetable matter. This is all rather well thought out and put together. Its very well paced, and doesnt have a rushed ending. Its all very satisfying.

Wide of the mark

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 10 October 2013
Rating:   4

Recently watched this for the first time in ages. What a mess. A story that meanders all over the place & makes no sense at all. The Rani's plans seem amazingly over complicated and what the hell is the master doing in this ? Why is he necessary to the story ? What does he add ? Poor old Colin a Baker does his best with this mess & poor Nicola Bryant has to wear a dress that looks like a tent. The Rani's TARDIS is a thing of beauty & the one good thing in this story & then people get blown up into trees ????!!!!
Another Pip & Jane Baker mess. Avoid.

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