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By:Nick Skerten, Surrey
Date:Friday 13 September 2002
Rating:   10

If ever there was an under-rated Big Finish play, it's this one. From the superb paradox the Doctor and ace find themselves in to the chilling and yet fallible Klein, this one is one of my favourites. McCoy has nailed 'the Doctor' and has become the character the TV series seemed to be driving towards, with his mixture of trickster (the 'tearing' of Klein's papers)and the manipulator. The magnificently eerie and uncanny scenes of the Doctor and Klein in the darkening German forest are easily some of the most thrilling yet, and it is a sheer delight for Klein to escape into the night at the end. More please!

Another of the majority who hate Colditz

By:Jason, England
Date:Thursday 6 January 2005
Rating:   1

Im afraid this is one of my least favourite CD's. Nothing to do with Nazi's particulary. First we have had an amazing amount of stories about how we cant/should'nt change history, and now the doctor (so far in the future he is another regeneration) not only changes history but completely rewrites history from that point. Yes they get on well and so has he with others, ond other have died, In pryamids we see a descruction of history due to change, yet he disregards everyting, totaly absurd. Also Ace would have been dead almost the moment she steps in with her attitude. Its one thing being gobby to a mithical monster or unknown group, but the Nazi's are real everyone knows what they were like and they wouldnt take here lip, female or not. It makes it very hard to suspend belief when you actually know the baddies and it doesnt fit with what we know, some are so far in the past you can get away with it eg Marian conspiricy, but this is recent history, there are people alive who experienced this period. And the way she was apparently so much beter and braver than the capured soldiers was pathetic. If you set one in a real life situation you cannot get away with this, no wonder so many rate this so low

The Colditz Castle

By:George M. Atkinson, Culcheth
Date:Saturday 5 March 2005
Rating:   8

Colditz shows well rather lets you listen to the doctor and ace at coldits i think it's very well done and there is a map shown at the back of colditz

I Agree

By:Jon, London
Date:Monday 3 April 2006
Rating:   10

I thoroughly agree with Mr Skerten.

Ordinary 7th Doctor

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   6

Colditz would have fit well in the McCoy run on TV. His part is particularly well written, with him reasoning out the reality of the situation, then working out what his own plan was, rather than what it will be (sort of like Battlefield, but handeld better). Like the McCoy TV run, at least part of the writer's intent is to have the situation teach Ace some sort of lesson. Ace, however, is one of the problems - reacting without thinking just a little too often. The big problem is Kurtz, a melodrama baddy if there ever was one. (Kurtz and Klein, short and small, hmmm). A peculiar bit is constant reference to a Kommandant who never actually appears in the story, complete with shootout in his office. The story is not brilliant, but it is entertaining.

Loved it, pity about Ace.

By:Chris Harwood, dunedin, New Zealand
Date:Friday 29 June 2007
Rating:   8

I loved this story. I was suprised when klein first refered to the Doctor's machine as the TARDIS (it almost made me suspect that she might of been the Rani.).
McCoy was very good, and this recording could translate very well to TV. I loved that we still got the sneekyness of his doctor, but more importantly the 'I don't know what happaning, but i probably have something to do with it'. I have listened to a few of his Big Finishes but this is the only one i think would have worked on TV.
I agree with Jason that the NAZI's would just have shot Ace, but i can over look that. I fact I would go as far as to say that Ace was the worst thing about this CD, she just wasn't needed in this story.
It was also very suprised to hear David Tennant playing a bady in this. I almost expected him to say "Don't be afraid Ace, I'm the Doctor." I wonder if he recorded this kinowing he was going to be the Doctor, because it sounded like we got the 'angre' doctor, as opposed to the 'big red button Doctor' But he did a fantastic job with the lines he got (you have to admit some of his lines were very cheesee". And just a thought if he had of killed the Doctor, would that be technicly be suiside :-)

Another Steve Lyons gem

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 28 March 2008
Rating:   10

History isnt dull as ditchwater and easy to forget. History is important to me to this day. All the wars and suffering should not be so readily forgotten by the masses out there. I like stories that dont shy away from the nasty bits of war.

Steve Lyons is great at whole sci fi stories, but he seems in a league of his own when it comes to purely historical tales. No one comes near this guy for history in the making. He showed us brilliance in The Fires of Vulcan, and now here he goes again with a great and classic script in Colditz.

Right, lets look at all the reasons i think this is a great play...

David Tennant is excellent as the perverted Kurtz, a nice and chillingly realistic approach employed by this very talented male actor. A great tenth doctor too man. But here he really is a nasty creep.

Sylvester Mccoy of course, but that should go without saying. He is still my fav overall audio doctor.

Sophie gives realism to the thought of Ace growing up into a proper young woman now, harder and less bawly. A great performance from the word go from a great actress.

Tracey Childs as Klein, a manipulative git from the future. You can really tell when people love the parts they are given to act on film or tv or audio adventures!

And the storyline itself is fresh and imaginative. This is a well crafted story well directed and produced with some genuinely great cliffhangers too. Bring on the diddly dums!!!

Easy to listen & very engrossing

By:Jared Star, Portsmouth, United States
Date:Wednesday 27 October 2021
Rating:   9

This story is one of the easiest listens to get into. I found myself losing track of time while getting lost in this world and wound up halfway through the story before I realized that an hour passed. It felt like only a few minutes. It's a great one to just pick up and listen, at least for the first half. At around the time, the concept would begin to become stale, writer Steve Lyons introduces the amazing mystery wrapped in an enigma known as "Klein" (played by Tracy Childs). I won't spoil anything about her, but she is an important character in the 2010 7th Doctor trilogy "A Thousand Tiny Wings," "Survival of the Fittest," and "The Architects of History" (January 2010 - March 2010). It is an amazing concept to hear for yourself!

Not only does the story shine, but the acting and performances from everyone are top-notch. We have Sofie Aldred doing her best as always, Tracy Childs proving to be a captivating listen, and Sylvester McCoy giving a good performance this time. Not only that, but we also have David Tennant playing his first-ever role in Doctor Who. Since this came out in 2001, Doctor Who was still canceled when this episode was recorded and released. David Tennant had yet to play the titular Timelord and was still 3 years away from his starring role in Dalek Empire III. The music was neat and blended in with the aesthetic of the story as well.

All in all, this was a great, deceptive listen that both sucked me in and caught me off guard.

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