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the best film in the world

By:ellie, worlsly manchester
Date:Friday 29 July 2005
Rating:   10

i wached it every week
every episode i enjoyed
and so now i want to buy all of the D.V.Ds
so i can wach it every day
docter who is the best
docter who rules, docter who rules,



By:Phil Ince, Your Arse
Date:Sunday 21 August 2005
Rating:   3

Once upon a time, there were 3 Doctor Who fans. They loved Doctor Who soooooooooooooooooooooooo much that they decided to write their own episodes. Unfortunately, their love is of the blissed out, uncritical kind.

Moffat writes a pair of the most anodyne, sluggish, simpering episodes yet committed to screen; Davies does the usual and writes half a good episode before ejaculating the premature climax required by the 40-minute format; The Cornball however exceeds his seniors with a short tear-jerking sketch (played with some power) surrounded by the shortest-winded, most witless writing of which he is capable (and after Screech of the Shelduck it was reasonable to suppose he'd touched bottom).

Of maximum offence is the opening, pre-titles scene in which an aged-looking Camille Coduri tells her 6 year old daughter that her (Rose's) father died alone. A mother with a feeling bone in her body would say this?

This series' reputation for characterisation is so much horseshit but in keeping with the series' tiny and unconvincing scope.

Are you my Mummy???

By:the Traveller, the end of the world
Date:Saturday 1 July 2006
Rating:   9

"The world dosen't end if the Doctor dances."

Steven Moffat's 2 parter is one of the best the entire series has ever see, and Father's Day allows Billie Piper to carry a show, which she does splendidly. The Long Game isn't so good, with less Doctor/Rose and more Adam, which seems pointless as he's chucked out at the end of the episode, and a pretty thin plot, but you can't have everything.

Doctor Who - Series 1: Volume 3

By:Will Brook, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Date:Saturday 31 May 2008
Rating:   9

The Long Game - Mediocore story saved by 'Simon Pegg'

Fathers Day - Fantastic and original.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - The scariest in this set. Written by the brilliant 'Steven Moffat'.

The best DVD of series one.

By:Pieter Knotnerus, Ter Apel, Netherlands
Date:Monday 13 February 2012
Rating:   9

The best DVD of series one.

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