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Excellent seasonal read

By:Jack Malliason, Los Angeles, USA
Date:Monday 27 December 2004
Rating:   10

I opened this with some trepidation but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the stories. All good. If you fancy a Christmas romp through a series of well-written pieces I recommend this.

Excellent yuletide read

By:Gordon, Oldham, Lancs. UK
Date:Monday 10 January 2005
Rating:   9

Brilliant book; a sort of annual for grown-ups. There's something for everybody. There isn't a duff story, there's poetry (- even a song!), a game (with counters to cut out) and yuletide recipes too. My favourites are the UNIT Chritmas parties and the ghostly stories.

Festive Delights

By:the Traveller, (yes, I still exist)
Date:Friday 25 August 2006
Rating:   9

A wonderful collection that all fans and the writers alike should be proud of. There are a few weak links in the chain, but the others make up for them. Great stuff!

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