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Much, much better!

By:Joe Ford, Eastbourne
Date:Friday 24 September 2004
Rating:   8

A return to form for the eighth Doctor audios after a seriously disapointing third season. This is a witty and clever tale that pokes fun at the hypocrisy of religion. I wont lie...the eighth Doctor, Charley and C'rizz are still a deeply unsatisfying combination but the story here is engaging enough for you to forget about that and just enjoy the experience.

Satisfying, Solid Production

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Tuesday 10 October 2006
Rating:   8

In Faith Stealer, we finally get another story that hits on all cylinders, so to speak. This production is well-written and flows nicely, all of the characters are well-acted, and Conrad Westmaas' C'rizz is finally given some likeable substance. All of the cast is in top form here, making the production very believable and engaging. There are even some genuinely laugh out loud funny scenes, particularly in the church of the Serendipitists ("Oops be praised!") What stopped me from giving this one a 9 or 10 is only that the story itself seemed a bit sparse. Faith Stealer is thoroughly enjoyable, but somehow sort of more like a light dessert than a full meal. Perhaps this is partly because of the ending. The ending is surprising, makes sense and is rather thought-provoking, but is pretty quick.

Some Good Satire

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 3 March 2008
Rating:   7

I like the premise of Faith Stealer. Living in the most religiously diverse country on Earth, yet knowing it to be full of religious intolerance, I found the idea of a community devoted entirely to religious diversity quite fascinating. There are some good satirical moments regarding religion, such as the creation of the "Tourist" cult. The ending does not work well for me though. It is like the stories of "Paradise Towers" and "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy," where the build-up is fascinating, but the denouement just bland and not really properly prepared for.

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