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That song...

By:Denis LeBlanc, Moncton, Canada
Date:Wednesday 24 May 2006
Rating:   1

I've tried to love all that is Doctor Who and, in this case, I just can't fulfil my vow. I can get over the horrible Wild West American imitations or the empty plot, but that song... Why would they continue stabbing us in the ear with that stupid "Last chance saloon" diddy after what seems like each and ever scene? Seriously?!?

It mangles history, but it's good fun

By:Brian Ridder, Littleton, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   4

This story, one of the final serials of William Hartnell's run as the First Doctor is a fun little story for anyone just getting into Doctor Who. It completely mangles the actual historical gunfight at the OK Corrall, and the "Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" gets on your nerves fairly quick, but the acting, particularly of Hartnell as The Doctor and his two companions, Steven (Peter Purves) and Dodo (Jackie Lane), as well as the guest stars more than make up for it. Not one of the best of the Hartnell years, not by a long shot, but still a funny and witty story as it counts down Peter Purves' departure from the series in the next story, "The Savages".

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