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Worth the price for the Troughtons!

By:Steve , Atlanta, Georgia USA
Date:Sunday 11 July 2004
Rating:   10

I originally purchased this set because of the Hartnell episode, but I have since found it is the second tape (Web of Fear and The Faceless Ones) that I am wearing out. Since seeing the only existing episode of The Web of Fear, I have bought the Yeti Attack CD set and the book of this episode. This little gem shows just how spooky the show could be (this episode came out in the middle of the incredible "monster season")! Web of Fear's music, lighting, and plot are all perfect (especially the music, which I believe was some stock horror film music, but I haven't been able to track down the source). The Faceless Ones was an episode I didn't really think I would care for, but it, too, was a pleasant surprise. Both stories will make you curse the day the Beeb tossed the originals (especially since the conclusion of each seems to be gone forever). Incidentally, Reign of Terror is a great historical episode (the foundation of the Hartnell era) and the missing episodes in the middle are linked very well. You can't expect any Hartnell episode to be perfect, but this one was very well-done. The sets and costumes establish a great feel for the period and the acting isn't too over the top. All in all, this is a very nice set to give you a feel for each Doctor at or near his best. Ian Marter's novelization of Reign is superb and would be a great companion piece.

A very good story with cool extras

By:Brian Ridder, Littleton, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   9

"The Reign Of Terror" has rapidly become one of my favorite William Hartnell stories, and the French Revolution backdrop makes for lots of intrigue, plot twists and witty dialogue. The cast is in fine form here and the guest stars are totally up to the task of making the Reign Of Terror come to life. Episodes 4 and 5 are sadly missing, with them much of Robespierre's appearances (you get to see a little of him toward the end of Episode 6) but you get to see Napoleon (Tony Wall) begin his ascent to power. But Carole Ann Ford's linking naration brings the missing episodes to life in the mind. All around a very good story. Plus, if that wasn't enough, 3 orphaned episodes from the Patrick Troughton era are included from two incomplete serials. Episodes 1 and 3 from "The Faceless Ones", the final story for Michael Craze (Ben Jackson) and Anneke Wills (Polly Wright), are a lost treasure that tantalizes us with the possibilities of young people being kidnapped in mid-flight and aliens invading the earth in secret. Chameleon Tours indeed. Episode 1 of "The Web Of Fear" is also included and it features the first traces of what would become the UNIT family starting to surface, with Nicholas Courtney in his first appearance as Colonel (later Brigadier) Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. Sadly, that performance is missing but Episode 1 sets the plot (re-activated Yeti terrorizing London, spreading a paralyzing web all over and causing the TARDIS to get stuck in mid-flight) and the combo of the Second Doctor (Troughton), Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Victoria (Deborah Watling) make an awesome TARDIS crew. These 3 Episodes are now available in the "Lost In Time" DVD set, but just to get "The Reign Of Terror" was more than worth it!

Worth The Wait

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 18 February 2008
Rating:   9

And so the last Doctor Who episodes are relased. Well woth the wait.

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