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Best BF audio ever

By:Siskoid, Moncton, NB
Date:Saturday 15 October 2005
Rating:   10

Deadline asks "What if Doctor Who had never been made?" and spends more time with the washed up writer who missed with it than with his Doctor, whom he's still writing in his head as he goes progressively mad.

The play's well written, and the flights into fantasy play fast and loose with reality, as the Who mythos is added on little by little, remaining flexible. But it all really hinges on Derek Jacobi's performance.

And what a performance. Now, I've loved everything I've seen this actor do in the past, and he has a great voice. He really makes you go through all the emotions as his character isn't necessarily likeable, and is often pathetic. It's as touching as it is impressive a piece of acting.

For Doctor Who historians, there are plenty of references to the people who made it happen back in the 60s, and some lampooning of the true fanatics, with a policewoman series taking the place of Doctor Who in the hearts of fans. This is where it may get broader, but it still works. Finally, there's a greater message about what Doctor Who has brought to society as a whole.

Overall: The best audio play Big Finish has produced to date, even if the Doctor isn't really in it. It takes a big chance, but succeeds beautifully. (And wraps up the line started in Auld Mortality better than Exile.)

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