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Doctor Who Unbound: Deadline

No. 5 of 10 in the Doctor Who Unbound audios series
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Starring: Sir Derek Jacobi
By:Robert Shearman
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Released:  September 2003
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 1 x CD
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Description:  Like the other Doctor Who Unbound releases, this audio drama features “what if” scenarios that deliberately break established conventions of the programme.

Cover blurb:
It’s been forty years since Martin Bannister encountered the Doctor. They were different men back then. Martin was young and talented and The Times’ seventh Most Promising Writer To Watch Out For. The Doctor was mysterious, crotchety and possibly Oriental.

It was an encounter that destroyed both their lives.

Pity poor Martin now. His career is in ruins, all forgotten. His estranged wives keep dying in the wrong order. And there’s a nasty green stain by the wardrobe that could be an alien footprint. Or possibly just mould.

Martin’s life is about to change unexpectedly. Impromptu poetry readings, elephant expeditions, an obligatory Bug-Eyed Monster. And a last desperate chance for love, before it’s too late.

Sounds like it’s time for the Doctor to come into Martin’s life again, and sort him out. Permanently.

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