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By:Toby, England
Date:Friday 14 October 2005
Rating:   10

I saw this episode on UKTV Gold and was suprised. Everyone I know had told that the 5th doctor stories were rubbish and as this was the first 5th doctor episode I saw I thought it would be rubbish. I was wrong and I think that the 5th doctor was one of the best doctors. I have seen all of the Doctor Who stories that aired during the 80s and this is one of the best.

nooooooooooooo! adric!

By:Hatman, the country he didn't die for
Date:Saturday 24 June 2006
Rating:   1

rubbish. not 'exeeeeeelent'.

Best 5th doctor story

By:nathaniel maxfield, London
Date:Thursday 4 October 2007
Rating:   9

It is one hell of a story. It has power and creepiness (ep1) and despite being amazing still has the fact that Eric Saward's only two good stories are this and the Visitation.


By:Liam, Ireland
Date:Wednesday 28 November 2007
Rating:   9

One of the best stories of Davison's era as the Doctor, Earthshock succeeded not only in resurrecting the Cyberman (after the dire Revenge of the Cybermen) but also managed to make Adric a likeable character for once (before giving him a moving send off). Peter Grimwade's direction keeps the pace zipping along frantically, so the action never lets up long enough for the few inconsistancies in the writing to show up. All and all, Earthshock sits on the upper tier of Doctor Who in the 80's. It's also almost worth buying the DVD, just for the animated short "Episode 5" which reveals what REALLY happened to Adric :)


By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 4 July 2009
Rating:   9

My review for this story goes back a few years, when I borrowed Earthshock from the local library and was disappointed, mainly by the poor effects like the infamous pink and black lasers and the freighter crash at the end of episode 4. However, my now more technologically-adept self, on slipping my own copy of this story into my DVD player, discovered that it has some great new CGI effects, which end years of hatred of the story.
Otherwise, it is a good show - cracking Cybermen and a good story; Beryl Reid is great as the freighter captain; with a truly shocking ending.
Story: 10/10
Extras: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Not all that much to write home about...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 10 March 2011
Rating:   5

One of the things I hate about this story is the totally background slot given to Nyssa. She always has been my favourite companion of the fifth doctor, along with Tegan. And I hate seeing Sarah Sutton reduced to staying in the TARDIS for most of a story, it happened in the Visitation and here too. Kinda was only pardonable on this score for the story was excellent. But Earthshock doesnt live up to expectation. And to be quite honest, I prefer the Cybermen of Revenge, even with the wobbly heads!

There are a few good moments in this story, such as Adric's very poignant demise, and its a bold step to have the final credits run in silence, which has never happened before in the shows history. And the Doctor's sunset speech is a good piece of dialogue, but otherwise this story is really forgettable and BORING. The cybermen look really good but this isnt a patch on Attack of the Cybermen. And the episode endings arent all that much to write home about, except maybe the third episode.

And I dont like the fact that such a cool character as Kyle is killed off so soon. Doctor Who always had a penchant for doing this. So for these reasons this story really doesnt hold any magic for me. It is probably the least interesting story to feature the Cybermen: and add to that the fact that the plot is almost identical to Revenge of The Cybermen: Using a bomb, then using a flying object to try to destroy a planet! That is rather similar isnt it? And this story doesnt have the wry humour of Revenge either. So nah, I dont really like this one. (Even the strong performance of David Banks cant save this, its just so bad)

Excellent! Sad death...

By:Sofia Fox, Hale, United States
Date:Thursday 30 November 2017
Rating:   9

I have this story on "The Cybermen" DVD as a special feature and what a story and a heart-breaking companion death (Won't give out the name, Spoliers!) Great story!

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