Activity books

This category contains Doctor Who books whose pages are not just for reading — i.e. they are designed to be drawn on, written on or torn out. For example:

  • Colouring or painting books
  • Sticker books
  • Postcard or poster books
  • Diaries
  • Puzzle or crossword books
  • etc. etc.

Also included are books which are indeed for reading, but whose sole purpose is to aid you in playing a game or performing a different (non-reading) activity:

  • Quiz books
  • Role-playing books
  • ”Choose your own adventure” books
  • Cooking (!)
  • Knitting (!!)

Audio listed by category:

Audio readings usually involving a single actor reading a previously-published book, although in recent years there are “non-book” readings too.

Audio dramas
Full-cast audio drama, featuring multiple cast members and usually written specially for the audio medium.

Audio interviews & documentaries
Interviews with actors and writers, documentaries about Doctor Who, alternative DVD audio commentaries and more.

Music & sound effects
A wide selection of music or sound effects CDs, cassettes, LPs and singles either taken directly from the series, or inspired by it.

TV audio soundtracks
Audio recordings of Doctor Who TV episodes.

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(CD)The Robots: Volume Six
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Range:The Robots audios
Released:13 April 2023
Starring:Nicola Walker & Claire Rushbrook

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