Farewell Great Macedon

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By:Moris Farhi
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Released:  August 2009
Publisher:  Lulu
Format: paperback

Note:  First publication of two scripts which were written for William Hartnell’s first series as the Doctor back in 1964, but never made: Farewell Great Macedon and The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance. In late 2010, Big Finish released an audio adaptation of both stories.

Cover blurb:
‘Seeing history unfold itself before my very eyes.
I was once told one should look upon history objectively.
But now, I find myself emotionally involved — and it makes me very unhappy...’
-Barbara Wright

When the TARDIS arrives outside the gates of Babylon the Doctor and his friends find themselves in the presence of Alexander the Great. But there is treachery at work as generals plot to overthrow the king and his men. When the travellers stand accused the Doctor and Ian must face trials while still trying to uncover the real murderers.

Farewell Great Macedon, from the pen of young writer Moris Farhi, is one of DOCTOR WHO’s earliest examples of a “missing story”. Written in 1964, the tale shows many of the hallmarks of the first season of the fledgling science-fiction series while also including many suggestions for other ways the show might have developed. Now you can enjoy this glimpse into those early formative years.

This volume is rounded off with background on the real historical figures and reviews from several DOCTOR WHO historians, plus a special edition of the DWM Time Team.

Included is a bonus opening script for another early submission from Moris Farhi — The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance; and a brief history of Moris’ distinguished career.

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