Bookwyrm Volume 1: The New Adventures 1991-1997

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By:Anthony Wilson & Robert Smith?
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Released:  March 2019
Publisher:  ATB Publishing
Format: paperback
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ATB Publishing

Description:  Described by the publisher as “An unauthorised and unconventional guide to the Doctor Who novels”. Followed by Bookwyrm Volume 2.

Cover blurb:
From the time Doctor Who vanished from TV screens in 1989 to its first return with the Paul McGann telemovie in 1996, the saga continued in print via a series of New Adventures novels. For many fans, this was the official continuation of the story that had ended with Ace and the Doctor walking into the sunset, perhaps never to be seen again.

The New Adventures (or NAs) helped to define modern Doctor Who. Russell T Davies was a huge fan and wrote for the range, whilst Steven Moffat contributed short stories. Other participating Who luminaries included Terrance Dicks, Andrew Cartmel and Marc Platt. It was also the first steppingstone for Paul Cornell, Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts, Kate Orman and Lance Parkin, amongst many others.

The books are regarded as a literary Golden Age for Doctor Who. There is even a word that describes the way fans remember them: “NAstalgia.” And for those that never read them, they provide an invaluable insight into where Doctor Who was heading before and after its 2005 rebirth.

This is an episode guide to a series of episodes that never were. With trivia, thematic discussions, plot holes, continuity notes, reviews and much more on all 61 NAs, this book is serious and not-at-all serious, thoughtful and disrespectful, accessible to newcomers and equally informative to those who can tell you fifteen unknown facts about Paul Cornell.

Too broad and deep; that’s the New Adventures in a nutshell. Let the Bookwyrm be your guide!

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