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K-9 Annual 1983

No. 22 of 25 in the World Annuals series
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Released:  September 1982
Publisher:  World Distributors
Format: hardback
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Note:  Features K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith. This was the only K-9 annual ever published — the pilot for the proposed Doctor Who spinoff series K-9 and Company had been screened the previous December, so this annual was presumably published to cash in on K-9’s raised profile and the hope that the pilot would be picked up for a full series. Of course, the latter never happened (and the annual presumably sold poorly) hence no further K-9 annuals were forthcoming. An electronic (PDF file) version of this annual was included as an extra on the K-9 Tales DVD.
Audio readings of 4 out of the 6 stories from this annual were included in the K-9 Audio Annual — namely, Powerstone, The Shroud of Azaroth, Hound of Hell and The Monster of Loch Crag.

Cover blurb:
If you’ve enjoyed this Annual, why not look out for our Dr. Who Annual? It’s on sale now.



  • Powerstone
  • The Shroud of Azaroth
  • Hound of Hell
  • The Monster of Loch Crag
  • Horror Hotel
  • The Curse of Kanbo-Ala


  • Introducing K9
  • Meet Sarah Jane Smith
  • Can You Follow Instructions?
  • The Shape of TV To Come
  • Professor Rubik’s Cube
  • Talking of Technology
  • K9’s Quiz
  • What is the Secret of the Standing Stones?
  • Myth or Monster?
  • UFOs — Is This the Answer?
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was a Robot
  • Ghostly Goings On

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