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The ArcHive Tapes: The Ultimate Cybermen

No. 4 of 5 in the The ArcHive Tapes series
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Starring: David Banks
By:David Banks
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Released:  February 1990
Publisher:  Silver Fist
Format: 1 x cassette

Note:  Like the other ArcHive Tapes releases, contains readings by David Banks from his book Cybermen. Was released on CD as part of the ArcHive Tapes: Cybermen CD box set in 2013.

Cover blurb:
Cyber Activity in the Galaxy during the 25th century

Cybermen on Gallifrey (Document 0)
Onslaught on Earth (Document 8)
Departure from Telos (Document 9)

and featuring newly-discovered document
Quest for Power (Document 3a)

as chronicled by ArcHivist Hegelia

Two subspecies had come together. Out of the union was forged a new indomitable breed. CyberNeomorph. A species of breathtaking sophistication. The Ultimate Cyberman. Thus Cybermen created Neomorph in their own perfected image.

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