Terror of the Vervoids

No. 125 of 156 in the Target novelisations series
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By:Pip & Jane Baker
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Editions:  UK (hardback) | UK (paperback)
Description:  Novelisation of the third segment of The Trial of a Time Lord season, broadcast in 1986. Also available as an audio reading.

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Edition: UK (hardback)
Released:  September 1987
Publisher:  WH Allen
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:
The Time Lords have brought the Doctor to trial, accusing him of gross interference in the affairs of other planets. If he is found guilty he must forfeit all his remaining regenerations.

In his defence the Doctor tells of an adventure set on board the Hyperion III space liner in his future. Answering a distress call, the Doctor and Mel arrive on the liner just as a series of grisly murders begins.

Who is behind the murders? Do the enigmatic Mogarians have anything to do with them? Who sent the distress call to the TARDIS? And what hideous menace lies waiting in the Hydroponic Centre?

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  February 1988
Publisher:  Target
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
Same as hardback edition.

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