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Starring: Lisa Bowerman
By:Rona Munro
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Released:  September 2017
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 4 x CD
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Description:  Audio reading of Rona Munro’s 1990 novelisation.

Cover blurb:
Lisa Bowerman reads this exciting classic novelisation of a Seventh Doctor TV adventure, the last in the original run of Doctor Who serials

“Attention to detail is a hallmark of this always excellent range..."
Doctor Who Magazine

The Doctor brings Ace home to Perivale. On a summer Sunday it seems the least lively place in the universe, yet mystery lurks behind the calm facade.

The members of Ace’s old gang have gone away, each of them disappeared without trace. Something is killing the domestic pets of Perivale, and unearthly hoofprints scar the baked earth of the recreation ground. What strange force connects all these events?

As Ace herself is transported to a distant planet, it seems that the Doctor may be stepping into a well-prepared trap. Can it be the work of the his [sic] old adversary, the Master — and if so, to what end?

Lisa Bowerman, who played Karra in the 1989 BBC TV serial, reads Rona Munro’s complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1990.

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