Blood of the Daleks: Part 2

No. 2 of 36 in the Eighth Doctor Adventures audios series
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Cover image for Blood of the Daleks: Part 2
Starring: Paul McGann & Sheridan Smith
By:Steve Lyons
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Review:  Part 2 Has More Daleks  Read more (3 in total)
Released:  February 2007
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 1 x CD
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Cover blurb:
“The crashed ship. The one Tom Cardwell saw all those years ago. And you borrowed its technology, didn’t you? Maybe even found a Dalek or two in the wreckage. Dead, but intact. And you began to turn human beings into creatures like them. You did that? I’m right, aren’t I?"

This story takes place after the TV movie.

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