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The start of something special

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Tuesday 3 April 2007
Rating:   10

Part two follows on at pace, maintaining the strong plot and energy of the first. A new travel partner with a subplot great, I love her attitude.


By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Saturday 18 August 2007
Rating:   7

The chemistry between Lucie and the Eighth Doctor begins to stand out as being fresh and interesting here, but it's good to be done with Red Rocket Rising. Let's get out of here. Hopefully we won't be back.

Please see my review of Part 1 for more detail on the story and production.

Part 2 Has More Daleks

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 7 September 2021
Rating:   7

The new radio series for Doctor Who now fully brings in the Daleks. The new companion, Lucie Miller, spends most of the story trying to get away from The Doctor, and he is only too happy to let her go, if he can. The solution to the problem at the end is a bit naff. Daleks defeated by dumping trash on them? I have said elsewhere that radio drama is probably not the best fit for Steve Lyons, whose talents as a writer are much better suited to novels.

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