The Ruby‘s Curse: A River Song / Melody Malone Mystery

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Cover image for The Ruby's Curse: A River Song / Melody Malone Mystery
Starring: Alex Kingston
By:Alex Kingston
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Released:  20 May 2021
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 8 x CD
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Note:  Audio reading of the novel of the same name.

Cover blurb:
Alex Kingston reads her brand new novel featuring River Song, from the worlds of Doctor Who

1939, New York. Private Eye, Melody Malone, is hired to find a stolen ruby, the Eye of Horus. The ruby might hold the secret to the location of Cleopatra’s tomb - but everyone who comes into contact with it dies. Can Melody escape the ruby’s curse?

1939, New York. River Song, author of the Melody Malone Mysteries, is forced to find a reality-altering weapon, the Eye of Horus - but everyone who comes into contact with it dies. River doesn’t believe in curses - but is she wrong?

From the top-security confines of Stormcage to the barbarism of first-century Egypt, River battles to find the Eye of Horus before its powers are used to transform the universe. To succeed, she must team up with a most unlikely ally - her own fictional alter ego, Melody. And together they must solve another mystery: is fiction changing into fact - or is fact changing into fiction?

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