The Amazing World of Doctor Who

No. 7 of 16 in the Miscellaneous annuals series
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Released:  January 1976
Publisher:  P.B.S.
Format: hardback
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Note:  A hardback annual-style book, containing a reprint of many of the stories and comic strips from the 1976 annual with a handful of newly-written articles. Primarily available to buy through a mail-order promotion on special boxes of Ty-Phoo tea bags, though some copies were also later available through branches of WH Smith.

Cover blurb:



  • The Sinister Sponge
  • The Vampires of Crellium
  • On the Slippery Trail
  • The Mission

Picture Stories

  • The Psychic Jungle
  • The Daleks in a Fresh Start
  • Neuronic Nightmare


  • Who’s The Doctor?
  • The Sinister Slithers of Strikk
  • The Sea-Devils
  • The Mind of Dr Who
  • Dr Who’s Space-Age Crossword
  • The Giant Robot
  • The Ice Warriors
  • Time Travel? Try a Tardis!
  • Davros
  • Alpha Centauri
  • The Draconians
  • Mysterious Monsters
  • The Cybermen
  • Music and Radiophonic Workshop

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