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The Green Man

No. 29 of 32 in the BBV Audio Adventures in Time and Space series
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Starring: Arthur Bostrom
By:Zoltán Déry
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Released:  March 2002
Publisher:  BBV
Format: 1 x CD

Note:  Features the Krynoids (from the Fourth Doctor story The Seeds of Doom). This story was later made available as an extra on the Auton 2: Sentinel DVD.

Cover blurb:
Medieval legends tell many tales of the Greenwood: magical tales of King Arthur and the Fair Folk; rousing tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men; and harrowing tales of a monstrous plant demon that could possess men, corrupting their very beings.

When alien pods land in an English forest, will the Krynoids claim another world, or can medieval might and wisdom triumph?

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