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Perfect Timing

No. 7 of 72 in the Miscellaneous short stories series
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By:Mark Phippen & Helen Fayle (ed.)
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Editions:  UK (1st paperback) | UK (2nd paperback)
Description:  Unofficial fan-produced Doctor Who short story collection, in aid of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. Followed by Perfect Timing 2.

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Edition: UK (1st paperback)
Released:  November 1998
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: paperback

Note:  Spiral-bound book.

Cover blurb:
For 35 years the Doctor’s adventures have been showcased on television, in comics, novels, videos, cereal packets and more recently on the internet.

This project, timed to be released to celebrate this anniversary, has brought together some of the very best “Who” writers. Some names may already be familiar to you, some should hopefully become so in the near future!

For this collection, they have all kindly donated original stories, poems and drabbles featuring the Doctor, his companions, and his world, from all eras of the show, and from the books — stories from the Doctor’s past, present (and future!)

35 pieces to celebrates 35 years of time travel — including:

A brief encounter for the Doctor and Susan — but what about those they leave behind?

The Second Doctor pays a return visit to Venus for some Martial Arts instruction.

Iris Wildthyme: The U.N.I.T. years...

H.P. Lovecraft finds out that life can be stranger than fiction...

Europa, the 32nd century. Miles Dashwood is having a spot of bother with his fiancée and Count Dracula...

The Fourth Doctor and Romana find that fiction can be stranger than reality... and the truth behind those missing Professor X episodes is finally revealed...!

What is it that has been hiding in the TARDIS — and from the minds of the Fifth Doctor and his companions?

The Sixth Doctor and Grant find themselves dealing with one of the deadliest menaces to Earth — a psychotic, theme park Santa Claus!

The Seventh Doctor and Chris find something nasty lurking in the seemingly peaceful, cloistered heart of In’sav’aar...

The Eighth Doctor visits some old friends, and pays a return visit to Tombstone, Arizona...

A Future Doctor faces an old enemy — and a personal pain...

This is an unofficial collection, privately printed, and distributed by the editors in return for donations to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death.


  • The Use of the Myth by Paul Cornell
  • Bear Paw Adventures by David J. Howe
  • Always Let The Conscious Be Your Guide by Mark Clapham and Jim Smith
  • Birth Pains by Damon Cavalchini
  • Venusian Sunset by Paul Leonard
  • From the Cutting Room Floor: Excerpts from Dark Path by David A. McIntee
  • Thicket of Thieves by Kathryn Sullivan
  • The UNIT Things by Peter Anghelides
  • Entertaining Mr. O by Paul Magrs
  • Masters of Terror by James Ambuehi and Laurence J. Cornford
  • Baron (Count) Dracula and Count (Baron) Frankenstein by Stephen Marley
  • The Aurelius Gambit by Helen Fayle
  • Not Necessarily In That Order... by Paul Ebbs
  • Child of Darkness by Daniel Blythe
  • The Zargathon Menace by Jonathan Morris
  • One Perfect Twilight by Craig Hinton
  • Ghost in the Machine by Trina L. Short
  • The 6th Doctor Sends A Letter by Charles Daniels
  • The Great Journey of Life Ends Here by Gary Russell
  • Wish Upon a Star Beast by Steve Lyons
  • Schrödinger’s Botanist by Ian McIntire
  • Second Hand by Rob Stradling
  • Doing it Right by Alan Taylor
  • Cheeky Things by Erin Tumilty
  • Chain Male by Keith Topping
  • Ascension by Stephen Graves
  • Caveat Emptor by Susannah Tiller
  • Doctor Patient Relationship: Vampire Science — Second Draft Chapter 1 by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum
  • Worm by Lance Parkin
  • The Ravages of Time by Mags L. Halliday
  • Emerald Green by Mark Phippen
  • Sad Professor by Nick Walters
  • Transitions by Daniel Ben-Zvi
  • Nightmare by Nathan Skreslet
  • Dark Paragon by Jon Andersen

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Edition: UK (2nd paperback)
Released:  April 2000
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: paperback

Note:  Limited edition of 150 copies. This edition is perfect-bound (i.e. similar binding to most standard paperback books) and contains 2 additional stories not in the 1st (spiral-bound) edition.

Cover blurb:
Following on from the success of the first, wire-bound printing of “Perfect Timing” back in 1998/9 and the follow-up volume, “Perfect Timing 2” in a perfect bound format, we have released this new, strictly limited edition of the original collection as a companion volume. A little slice of history — not the first fan-produced collection of stories, but certainly one of the most ambitious!

And all for charity!

“Perfect Timing” contains contributions from fan and professional writers and artists, celebrating the continuing adventures of TV’s favourite, and oldest, time traveller. All 35 of the original stories are reproduced for this reprint, with the addition of two stories omitted from the first edition for reasons of length.

This edition of Perfect Timing has been produced in a one-time-only print run of 150 copies.

Colin Baker, James Ambuehl & Laurence Cornford, Jon Andersen, Peter Anghelides, Tom Beck, Daniel Ben-Zvi, Daniel Blythe, Damon Cavalchini, Mark Clapham & Jim Smith, Paul Cornell, Charles Daniels, Paul Ebbs, Helen Fayle, Stephen Graves, Sarah Hadley, Mags L. Halliday, Craig Hinton, David J. Howe, Paul Leonard, Steve Lyons, Paul Magrs, Stephen Marley, David A. McIntee, Ian McIntire, Jonathan Morris, Kate Orman & Jon Blum, Lance Parkin, Mark Phippen, Gary Russell, Trina L. Short, Nathan Skreslet, Rob Stradling, Lee Sullivan, Kathryn Sullivan, Alan Taylor, Susannah Tiller, Keith Topping, Erin Tumilty and Nick Walters.

This is an unofficial publication produced and distributed solely in return for donations to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death.

Same as first edition, but with the following two additional stories:

  • Time Ruins by Sarah Hadley
  • What if We Went to Italy by Tom Beck

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