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By:Barbara Clegg
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Editions:  UK (hardback) | UK (paperback)
Note:Novelisation of the 1983 Doctor Who TV story of the same name. Also available as an audio reading.

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Edition: UK (hardback)
Released:  February 1984
Publisher:  WH Allen
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:
In response to a warning of great danger given by the White Guardian, the Doctor sets new co-ordinates and the TARDIS materialises on the heaving deck of an Edwardian racing yacht.

But the Doctor soon discovers that this is no ordinary yacht — and no ordinary race. Captain Striker is competing for an unusual prize — ‘Enlightenment’.

The crew will be lucky to reach port safely — but with such a prize would they be lucky to win?

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  May 1984
Publisher:  Target
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
Same as hardback edition.

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