Dead on Arrival & Other Stories

No. 11 of 11 in the Audio annuals series
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Starring: Katy Manning, Jon Culshaw & Tim Treloar
Released:  1 December 2022
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 1 x CD
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Description:  In a slight departure for the audio annuals series, this CD consists of audio adaptations of three comic strips from the Doctor Who annuals — instead of “straight” audio readings of the prose stories like all the other releases to date.

Cover blurb:
Katy Manning, Jon Culshaw and Tim Treloar read a dynamic trio of stories inspired by strips first published in Doctor Who Annual

In ‘Dead on Arrival’, Jo Grant finds out what it’s like to be a ghost when she realises that no-one can see her. Even more alarmingly, the Doctor and the Brigadier appear to mourning her death! Something has gone very wrong since her last trip in the TARDIS - but how can she tell the Doctor about it?

In ‘The Traitor’, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah help rescue the survivors of a crashed spaceship, only to discover that they are scientists deliberately marooned on a distant planet. The people plead with the Doctor and Sarah for help - but what happens next is far from expected.

In ‘The Power’, the Doctor and Leela are among those invited to the wedding of Princess Azula on the planet Shem. Yet barbarism still rules over a divided people, and the time travellers become embroiled in a bitter tussle for the secret of the mysterious Power.

Adapted by Paul Magrs from strip stories first published in the Doctor Who Annuals of the 1970s, these stories are brought to life by three much-loved readers and some stirring sound design.

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