A Short History of Everyone: Everything You Need to Know to Be the Doctor!

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Released:  October 2022
Publisher:  BBC Children's Books
Format: hardback
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Description:  Omnibus volume containing the previously-published How to Be a Time Lord, The Companion’s Companion and A History of Humankind, with some new material.

Cover blurb:
An incredible bind-up of three stunning Doctor Who guides, with brand-new content from the Thirteenth Doctor era

For over forty years, the Doctor has battled against the monsters and villains of the universe. This book brings together the best - and the worst - of his enemies, companions, and fellow Time Lords.

Why are the Daleks so deadly? What did Sarah Jane Smith do after she left the Doctor? Who exactly is the Master? And how did the Doctor defeat every threat, with a little help from some friends and a lot of luck.

Whether you read it on or behind the sofa, this book provides a wealth of information about the monsters and villains that have made Doctor Who the tremendous success it has been over the years, and the galactic phenomenon that it is today.

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