The Real Meaning of Doctor Who

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By:Courtland Lewis
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Released:  September 2021 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Open Universe
Format: paperback
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Description:  Publisher’s summary as follows: In zir travels through space and time, the Doctor has to solve numerous amazing problems, but problems which all have applications to our everyday lives. This book, by one of the Doctor’s biggest fans, shows that the Doctor has a distinctive view of life, ethical, spiritual, and scientific.

Cover blurb:
“Courtland Lewis knows his stuff. As a lifelong Doctor Who fan, he understands the history and concepts of the show. As a philosophy professor, he has the ability to break down those concepts, examine them from every angle, and convey them to readers in easily understandable terms. Doctor Who can be a tricky show, full of high and complex continuity, and Dr. Lewis is an admirable guide through the vortex of time and space."
R. ALAN SILER, author of Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits (Remastered) (2019), and editor of Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who (2018)

“Love Doctor Who? Want to figure out how to live a life actually worth living? Then let Courtland Lewis be your guide in this fantastic exploration of what it means to be a good person, by way of the example set by the Time Lord from Gallifrey."
MASSIMO PIGLIUCCI, author of A Field Guide to a Happy Life: 53 Brief Lessons for Living (2020), and How To Be A Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy to Live a Modern Life (2017).

“Fans of Doctor Who won’t be too surprised to learn that some of the most profound questions about human flourishing have been taught to us by a Gallifreyan with a sonic screwdriver. While he may not be the Doctor, Dr. Lewis clearly has a deep understanding of philosophy, and he certainly knows the Doctor!"
KEVIN McCAIN, author of Epistemology: 50 Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Thought Experiments (2021) and Evidentialism and Epistemic Justification (2016), and co-editor of Red Rising and Philosophy: Break the Chains! (2016)

“It’s hard to believe, but although the Doctor’s been around for billions of years, he (or occasionally she) has only been teaching us how to live for sixty years. Lest we forget some of the Doctor’s invaluable lessons, they have been captured, distilled, and condensed in this handy little communication device called a ‘book’. This ‘book’ thingy has the descriptor The Real Meaning of Doctor Who. Amazing, really."
RAY SCOTT PERCIVAL, author of The Myth of the Closed Mind: Understanding How and Why People Are Rational (2012)

“Grab your bow-tie (because bow-ties are cool) and don your fez. Dr. Lewis takes us on an exciting journey into the examined life of the Doctor, getting us ‘into the thick of things’ with the moral dilemmas faced by the Doctor, the mission to avoid the ‘monsters’ who threaten us with their evil actions, and how to deal with endings. This guidebook shows us how to ‘lead a better life’ with the Doctor as our exemplar. As the Doctor says, ‘You’ve got to throw yourself in!’ so embrace your inner flâneur and engage with life. Geronimo!"
PAULA SMITHKA, co-editor of Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside (2010), More Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regeneration Time (2015), and Community, Diversity and Difference: Implications for Peace (2005)

ON THE EVENING OF SEPTEMBER 17TH 1983, SIX-YEAR-OLD COURTLAND LEWIS sat down on his grandparents’ linoleum floor to watch something he later learned was called Doctor Who. It changed his life. Thirty-eight years later, Courtland Lewis is a philosophy professor and the author or editor of fifteen books—six of them about Doctor Who. Most recently, Dr. Lewis edited KISS and Philosophy: Wiser than Hell (2020).

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