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By:Andrew Cartmel
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Released:  February 1996
Publisher:  Virgin
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
Adolescence is a difficult time. Especially when you have the power to rule the world.

Creed is just an ordinary guy — as ordinary as you can be when you’re a secret agent working for the government. But his family is another matter. His youngest child seems able to read his mind. His oldest boy, Ricky, may posssess a stranger and far more frightening power. And others seem interested in his ‘gifted’ children — sinister forces who see them as a resource to be exploited.

Around the world, the Doctor’s companions have been put in place, ready to act when the time is right. Old friends and enemies are gathering for a final confrontation that will shape the future of the globe — and the evolution of mankind.

Warchild is the shattering conclusion to the dark trilogy which began with Warhead and continued in Warlock.

Andrew Cartmel was script editor of the Doctor Who television series. He has also script edited Casualty for the BBC and written Judge Dredd for Fleetway. He is currently working on his million-dollar best-seller. Warchild is his third book in the New Adventures series.

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