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The Churchill Years: Volume Two

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Starring: Ian McNeice & Neve McIntosh
By:Paul Morris, Iain McLaughlin, Alan Barnes & Robert Khan
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Released:  February 2018
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 5 x CD
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Description:  Inspired by the “Doctor meets Winston Churchill” 2010 Doctor Who TV episode Victory of the Daleks, this box set of audio dramas features the further exploits of Winston Churchill as he encounters various incarnations of the Doctor. Follow-up to The Churchill Years.

Cover blurb:
Young Winston by Paul Morris

London, 1899. After spending time in warzones abroad, Winston Churchill considers a Parliamentary career. But a memento from his visit to Cuba, four years earlier, returns to haunt him. Across the city, the Great Detective has a mysterious caller, all the way from Havana. As ruthless mercenaries wield alien powers, young Winston and Madame Vastra learn they have a mutual friend — an eccentric young man, sporting a bowtie...

Human Conflict by Iain McLaughlin

1941. The Prime Minister has much on his mind as London reels from the Blitz. When a daring mission to discover Nazi secrets bears unexpected results, Churchill heads north to retrieve technology that could win the war. But an old ally is set against his intent. Weary from his own people’s conflict, the Doctor knows that some weapons should never enter the field of human conflict.

I Was Churchill’s Double by Alan Barnes

Alexandra Palace, 1942. Strange television signals show a paranoid Churchill urging on the resistance in German- occupied Britain. A man in a battered leather jacket makes a guest appearance. The broadcasts come from another world, one where the country is now part of the Kaiser’s Empire. Of course, the Doctor is involved, and while Churchill claims to understand the notion of ‘alternative histories’, he never expected to be part of one.

Churchill Victorious by Robert Khan & Tom Salinsky

VE Day, 1945. The war is over. The PM has seen the crowds, and made his speech. Now he wishes to soak up the atmosphere, moving incognito among his fellow countrymen. But an alien interloper lurks in a backstreet tavern, and ‘William Churchyard’ must lead a few plucky Londoners into one more fight. The Doctor is in trouble, and at the time of his greatest victory, Churchill also faces his greatest danger.

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