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Doctor Who and the Invasion of Christmas

No. 1 of 13 in the Obverse Books unofficial novelisations series
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By:Paul Magrs, Andrew Hickey, Stuart Douglas & Nick Campbell
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Released:  February 2016
Publisher:  Obverse Books
Format: paperback

Note:  An unofficial novelisation of David Tennant’s 2005 debut episode The Christmas Invasion, in the style of a 1970s Target novelisation. Strictly limited edition of 40 copies, in aid of the Cystic Foundation Trust (plus an additional 10 copies reserved for the authors).
Sold out almost instantly when promoted by the publisher via Facebook. The book is credited to “The Midnight Folk”, a pseudonym which consists of Paul Magrs, Andrew Hickey, Stuart Douglas, Nick Campbell, James Gent, Ira Lightman, Ian Potter, Phil Craggs and Matthew Bright.

Similar novelisations for two other Christmas episodes were subsequently produced: The Runaway Bride, titled “The Christmas Bride” with a cover in the style of an early 80s novelisation (complete with neon logo); and Voyage of the Damned, titled “The Christmas Voyage” and in the style of a late 80s novelisation (with McCoy logo).
However, both of these were produced as private print runs and not offered for public sale, hence are not listed on this site.

Cover blurb:
ROSE was standing in the doorway of the room that had been hers. Her Mum was asleep in a chair by the bed. The tall, brown-haired man in the bed lay still as death.

‘THE DOCTOR wouldn’t do this,’ she found herself saying. ‘The old Doctor, the proper Doctor, he’d wake up. He’d save us.’

The man in the bed slept on, his brow furrowed with strange dreams.

Why are multiple Father Christmases murdering shoppers with musical instruments? Is Jackie Tyler really going to be lonely this Christmas? And why is a crinkly-edged spaceship the size of Norway threatening to destroy about a third of life on Earth? Can the Doctor get his act together in time to sort out this unholy Yuletide ruckus...?


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