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Dr Who and the Daleks

No. 2 of 13 in the Obverse Books unofficial novelisations series
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Released:  April 2019
Publisher:  Obverse Books
Format: paperback

Description:  Unofficial novelisation of the 1965 movie Dr. Who and the Daleks starring Peter Cushing, one of four such novelisations published in 2019 in aid of the late Doctor Who author Tommy Donbavand who at the time was battling cancer.

Cover blurb:
The first voyage of Dr Who’s space and time machine, Tardis, takes the inventor and his companions out of control to the dead planet of Skaro where a nuclear war left the planet devastated and mutated the survivors into monsters.

In their city, the Daleks are waiting for Dr Who.

Written by Milton Subotsky, and based on Terry Nation’s first Dalek serial for the BBC’s Doctor Who series, Dr Who and the Daleks was Peter Cushing’s first appearance on screen as Dr Who.

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