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Behind the Sofa

No. 9 of 26 in the Miscellaneous original novels series
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By:Chris Newton & Mark Charlesworth
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Released:  November 2013
Publisher:  Obverse Books
Format: paperback
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Note:  Follow up to Life Begins at 40. Sample chapter available on the publisher’s web site. Not to be confused with either of the previous books called “Behind the Sofa”: the 2006 book examining Doctor Who from a Christian viewpoint, or the 2012 book of Doctor Who celebrity memories.

Cover blurb:
Behind The Sofa continues the story of Pete and Jeff, two thirty-something Doctor Who fans sharing a flat in Blackpool. Out of pocket, out of luck, and clinging to the hope that life begins at 40...

Pete is concussed and suffers mild memory loss, resulting in him losing his encyclopedic knowledge of the sci-fi genre. He’s even started reading The Guardian. With his 40th birthday looming, Jeff has a tough decision to make. Will he jeopardise Pete’s chance of becoming a functional member of society in order to get his friend back?

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