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Whostrology - A Time-Traveller‘s Almanac

No. 12 of 29 in the Miscellaneous humour / parody series
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By:Michael M. Gilroy-Sinclair
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Released:  October 2012
Publisher:  Telos
Format: paperback
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Note:  Tongue-in-cheek astrology book containing humourous horoscopes in a Doctor Who style. More details at www.whostrology.com, while sample pages are available at: http://issuu.com/telospublishing/docs/whostrology_sample_pages

Cover blurb:
Whostrology: an astrological system based upon the travels of a certain Time Lord. The mythic qualities of his tales of adventure form the basis for this book of daily readings that can help you shape your life and live in a truly Whovian way.

It has been said that the Doctor was born under the sign of the crossed computers. This could mean one of two things. It could be nothing more than a flippant remark to a passing local; or it could be a reference to the stars as seen from the Doctor’s home world. As any visible constellations are an arbitrary set of images fully dependant [sic] on the observer’s location in time and space as well as their cultural heritage, it can also be argued that some people have nothing better to do than make things up.

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