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The TARDIS Tales Treasury

No. 11 of 29 in the Miscellaneous humour / parody series
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By:Graham Muir
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Released:  September 2012
Publisher:  Aniseed Books
Format: paperback

Description:  Expanded edition of The TARDIS Tales Collection, a collection of Doctor Who cartoons and artwork originally published in fanzine form by the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club in 1993.

Cover blurb:
"’s time to zip out of the chicken suit."

From his humble first appearance in a local newspaper in 1977 to his final adventure, Missing... Presumed Lost! in 2012, The TARDIS Tales Treasury collects together every mind-bending adventure of Graham Muir’s manic counterpart, the talking rooster Saucer Smith.

The Treasury explores Muir’s early life and the influences on his work, focusing on the development of Saucer Smith both within the world of the BBC television series Doctor Who and beyond. The beginning and end and later revival of the TARDIS Tales comic is also documented, detailing the ups and down [sic] of each adventure across ten years of creative scribbling for the fanzine TSV.

The Treasury also collects all the material featured in the fanzines Telos and RTP!, as well as a sample of the many early pre-TSV adventures. Finally, Saucer’s later Who-less adventures are included to illustrate the rooster’s universal appeal...

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